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Amis Francophones, Bonjour!

Pour accéder à mes magasins cliquez sur les liens suivants: ETSY et eBay. Vous pouvez, bien sûr, aussi explorer les pages de ce site pour des idées cadeaux et me contacter directement. Notez que sur mon site, tout n'est pas disponible à la vente, mais je peux faire des objets similaires, rien que pour vous!

  - Member of the Etsy Mud Team, the Northern Potters Association, the Pendle Artists and the Haworth Artist Network
  - My work can be purchased at the Haworth Art Gallery
shop in Accrington.
  - Exhibitions: in the last few years my work has been featured in local exhibitions: at Clitheroe Castle, Clitheroe Platform Gallery, Pendle Heritage Centre in Barrowford and at Accrington Haworth Art Gallery.

Welcome to my website!

My name is Marion Walsh and I was born in the South of France. I now live in Lancashire, UK with my husband, Jonathan and my Havanese dog, Milou.

I have been keen on drawing and painting since childhood, and later taught myself pyrography and polymer clay modelling. I started ceramics in 2001 at night's school. I became passionate about ceramics and in February 2013 bought my very own shiny new kiln! And since 2017, I've been working in my workshop next to my house.

Clay is my favourite medium as I enjoy its versatility, especially the potential to produce three-dimensional pieces. I make pendants and beads, as well as small sculptures, candle and tealight holders, various ornaments and utilitarian objects. More recently I started needle felting and occasionally incorporate felt into my ceramics.

I am inspired by the natural world and leaves, flowers, animals
and landscapes are regular motifs in my work.

I sell my work through Etsy, Folksy and ebay. See How to Buy page for more info. I also attend crafts fairs.

On this site you'll find samples of my work, some pieces are for sale, some aren't. I can, however, make similar items, just for you!

If you have any questions, please contact me.